Wooden Race

Wooden Race Start Menu Screen Wooden Race Start Menu Screen

A Highscore Game to learn something new.

This Project was started with the goal to learn different aspects of Unity Development like:

Optimize 3D Models for Realtime
Use the Lighting System to get the desired look
Use the Prefab instantiate system with Random Spawning
Saving and Loading of essential Player Data
Optimise for mobile platforms
Using the Google Play Console
and many more

Wooden Race Gameplay

Keep in mind this project is still under not so active development as I like.
All Assets except the Fuel Fill Up Sound, the Coin Pick Up Sound and the Wood Textures are created all on my own, yeah even this really terrible music.

Do you want to try it out?
Than you have to join this Google+ Group, and then you can get access the Alpha Build on Google Play over the Join Test Link.

or use the Web Version:
I recommend Mozilla Firefox for the best experience, Chrome for now has some weird performance problems with WebGL Applications.