'rundum gesund' - a medical AR show

rundum gesund title rundum gesund title

As one of the first in the history of German Television Capture Media GmbH and Bavaria Entertainment created a new medical format for the Südwestrundfunk.

The show 'rundum gesund' aired on the Südwestrundfunk.

Augmented Reality in television is nothing new, but only recently the german television got the taste in the possibilities of this technique.

Capture Medias Part was to solve the technical difficulties and the AR content for the protagonist called 'Anni'.

The name was actually a mistake, the client Bavaria Entertainment didn't understand that the short term 'Anni' or Ani' was our wording for animation. But I think, this name suits her really well.

This is Anni

My part in this was to visualize and create the whole look of 'Anni'. To archive this, our only smart choice was to use the really really experimental newly introduced High Definition Render Pipeline including the Shadergraph in Unity. Oh yeah, I've nearly forgot, yep we used Unity.

To our surprise Unity was really up for this broadcasting task, well after we fixed some minor or even major problems. We've created a custom interface to control the different animations at specific points.

This project was stressful, some double shifts were made, but in the end, it was all worth it, I'm really proud what we archived.

Lets hope we get a chance for a second season 🤞.
I already have ideas where I can improve 'Annis' look.

And btw. have a look please😊

Thanks to Bavaria Entertainment, the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) and Capture Media GmbH for this opportunity.